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Traductions de rock songs + histoire, contexte, vidéos et reprises. Songs translations + covers. All in English/French!



Boris Vian - La Java Des Bombes Atomiques


This song was written by Boris Vian in 1955, and orchestrated by Alain Goraguer. He released a 4-song EP (called "Chansons Impossibles") of this song with his "The Deserter" song advocating dersertion from the army,...

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George Brassens - Le Gorille


This song is by no means a rock song. But... what's really very "rock" about it though, is its irreverent and licentious wit. It was written by George Brassens, who was once very fond of libertarian ideas, in 1952....

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Which Side Are You On?


Florence Reece est connue pour avoir écrit cette chanson "Which Side Are You On?" en reprenant pour la musique un air baptiste, "Lay The Lily Low". Ses deux parents et son mari étaient mineurs. Ce dernier était...

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