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PJ Harvey - Sheela-Na-Gig PJ HARVEY, NINETIES

PJ Harvey - Sheela-Na-Gig

Sheela-Na-Gig est une chanson de PJ Harvey dans son premier album, Dry, en 1992. Sheela-Na-Gig is a PJ Harvey song...

6 Décembre 2018

Sonny & Cher  - Bang Bang CLASSICS, SIXTIES

Sonny & Cher - Bang Bang

Bang Bang est une chanson composée par Sonny Bono et chantée par sa femme Cher, qui est sortie en 1966 dans l'album...

24 Novembre 2018

David Bowie - Queen Bitch David BOWIE, SEVENTIES, Lou REED

David Bowie - Queen Bitch

Queen Bitch est une chanson de David Bowie dans son album Hunky Dory sorti fin 1971, en hommage au Velvet Underground....

20 Novembre 2018

Alain Bashung - L'Apiculteur ALAIN BASHUNG, FRENCH, NINETIES

Alain Bashung - L'Apiculteur

L'Apiculteur is a Alain Bashung song he wrote in 1994 in his Chatterton album. L'Apiculteur est un titre d'Alain...

15 Novembre 2018

Bob Dylan - Knockin' on heaven's door BOB DYLAN, SEVENTIES, SINGER SONGWRITER

Bob Dylan - Knockin' on heaven's door

Knockin' on Heaven's Doorest une chanson de Bob Dylan écrite pour le film Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid en 1973,...

10 Novembre 2018

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights SEVENTIES, KATE BUSH

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights (Les Hauts De Hurlevent) est une chanson de Kate Bush qu'elle a écrit à dix-huit ans. Ce fut...

6 Novembre 2018


Sixto Rodriguez - Cause

Cause is the very last song Sixto Rodriguez ever recorded in 1971, and was released in his second album, Coming...

31 Octobre 2018

Elvis Costello - Oliver's Army SEVENTIES, ELVIS COSTELLO

Elvis Costello - Oliver's Army

Oliver's Army was written by Elvis Costello in 1978 and is part of his 1979 album, Armed Forces. Oliver's Army...

30 Octobre 2018

Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican Radio EIGHTIES, WALL OF VOODOO

Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican Radio

Mexican Radio was released in the early eighties by Wall of Voodoo, a new wave rock band from Los Angeles, and...

28 Octobre 2018

Rolling Stones  - Dancing With Mr. D ROLLING STONES, SEVENTIES

Rolling Stones  - Dancing With Mr. D

Dancing with Mr D is the first track of the Rolling Stones 1973 album, Goats Head Soup. Dancing with Mr D est le...

27 Octobre 2018

Sam Cooke - What a Wonderful World SIXTIES, CLASSICS, SAM COOKE

Sam Cooke - What a Wonderful World

What a wonderful word is a Sam Cooke song recorded in 1959 and released in 1960 in his album The wonderful world...

23 Octobre 2018

Eric Clapton - Layla SEVENTIES, Eric CLAPTON

Eric Clapton - Layla

Eric Clapton wrote and released this Layla song when he was part of Derek and the Dominos, in their album called...

18 Octobre 2018


LKJ - Loraine

Loraine est un poème chanté de Linton Kwesi Johnson dans son album Bass Culture en 1980. Loraine is a poem, written...

17 Octobre 2018

Jacques Higelin - Alertez les bébés FRENCH, HIGELIN, SEVENTIES

Jacques Higelin - Alertez les bébés

Alertez Les Bébés est la chanson-titre de l'album de Jacques Higelin en 1976. Partagez cette traduction avec vos...

16 Octobre 2018

The Clash - Up in Heaven EIGHTIES, THE CLASH

The Clash - Up in Heaven

Up In Heaven (Not Only Here) is a song by The Clash released on their Sandinista! album in 1980. Up In Heaven (Not...

15 Octobre 2018

David Bowie - Quicksand SEVENTIES, David BOWIE

David Bowie - Quicksand

Quicksand is a mystic song by David Bowie in his Hunky Dory album in end 1971. Quicksand est une chanson de David...

14 Octobre 2018

The Pogues - Dirty Old Town EIGHTIES, THE POGUES

The Pogues - Dirty Old Town

Dirty Old Town was written by Ewan MacColl, an British country singer, in 1949. It was made popular by the Dubliners...

13 Octobre 2018

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer SEVENTIES, TALKING HEADS

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer

Psycho Killer is a song that was written in 1974 and released in the album "Talking Heads: 77". Psycho Killer est...

12 Octobre 2018

The Cure - Just Like Heaven EIGHTIES, THE CURE

The Cure - Just Like Heaven

Just Like Heaven is a song by The Cure in their 1987 album, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. Just Like Heaven est une...

11 Octobre 2018

Arcade Fire - Reflektor 2010's, ARCADE FIRE

Arcade Fire - Reflektor

Rekleftor is the title song of the 2013 album by indie Canadian band Arcade Fire. Reklektor est une chanson du...

11 Octobre 2018

Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent ARTIC MONKEYS, 2000'S

Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent

Fluorescent Adolescent is a song by the Arctic Monkeys released in their Favourite Worst Nightmare album in 2007....

9 Octobre 2018

Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound Of Silence SIXTIES, SIMON & GARFUNKEL

Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound Of Silence

The Sound Of Silence is a song by Simon & Garfunkel released in 1964. Paul Simon wrote it over a few months in...

30 Septembre 2018

Murray Head - Say it ain't so, Joe  SEVENTIES, MURRAY HEAD

Murray Head - Say it ain't so, Joe 

"Say it ain't so, Joe" is a Murray Head song he released in his album of the same name in 1975. "Say it ain't so,...

29 Septembre 2018

Totò - Africa EIGHTIES

Totò - Africa

Africa is a song by Toto in their fourth album, rightfully named Toto IV. Africa est une chanson de Toto dans leur...

28 Septembre 2018

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